The Most Important Guest Tag

Hello my beautiful friends and readers! When I made The Thirteenth Disciple Tag, I had so many more questions I wanted to ask, so here is another tag (my answers will be at the end of the post if you would like to read them). Hope you enjoy this one! The Most Important Guest Tag … Continue reading The Most Important Guest Tag

The Thirteenth Disciple Tag

Hello my beautiful friends and readers! 💕 I hope you enjoy this tag I created. Oh! I will be answering my own questions at the end of this post if you are curious to know what I would say. 🙂 “I have always said that if I were alive when Jesus walked the earth, I … Continue reading The Thirteenth Disciple Tag


Oh my GOODNESS!!! 😭😂💕 Thank you to all of my followers! I am in awe that anyone reads my ramblings and stories from my past. I'm going to make a post soon to celebrate. 🎉 I love you guys!!! 💋 God bless you. ❤️✝️   Amazed By His Grace, Purple Rose