Unmasked | Answering Your Assumptions About Me

Hello my beautiful friends and readers! 💕 I went through your assumptions and here are my answers. I also sat down with the person who knows me best and asked her to join me for this post. Dollfaced writer is my oldest daughter and my BEST friend. 😊 I always loved playing with my baby dolls and I nicknamed her “DollFace” when she was younger because she has the most beautiful round doll face. Her responses will be right below mine after each answer if you would like to read them.

Here we go!

Linda Lee said, “I assume that you are very pretty under that mask. I also assume that you are honest, trustworthy, and generally a happy, fun-loving person who likes to look on the bright side of things. That’s how you come across to me.”  

Thank you Linda! You are so sweet.

I am 100% honest, I cannot tell a lie

Honesty is more important to me than anything, I always say, “Just tell me the truth. I can handle anything if you tell me the truth.”

Once someone lies to me, I NEVER trust them again

I try to be trustworthy (I’ve learned from my mistakes)

I try to put on a happy face even though I am extremely heartbroken and disappointed most of the time

I am fun loving and I love to make people laugh

I ALWAYS look on the bright side of life and I will do anything to make someone smile

No matter how bad something seems, I look for anything positive I can find and point it out

I never give up on anyone and I refuse to let anyone else give up

I always try to have hope and no matter what Hell I’m going through, I try to make sure I give hope to everyone who needs it

DollFace’s response: Linda, you’re such a kind lady! Mom is the most beautiful, honest, trustworthy person I know. She does everything she can to make everyone else happy and have fun, even though she’s feeling unhappy herself most of the time.

Brothers Campfire said, “I imagine you a little hurt, struggling with bitterness, wishing what it could have been. No offense meant.”

I AM extremely hurt by what happened and how people have behaved (including myself)

Benjamin, I seriously had to go look up the word “bitterness” as I am one to recognize others spewing it, but I never really thought of myself as having much of an issue with it these days. After looking up the definition, yes, I can see that I do struggle with it. I wake up everyday and realize that this is real, it is not a dream. It is my life and everything that happened, really happened. People I love really behaved the way they did, and they still do. I really made the mistakes I made and nothing can change what happened.

I do wish what could have been, I wish I had not let anyone stop me from showing love, I wish I had followed my heart and not let anyone stop me from telling people how I really felt

I think what gets me the most is that I can do NOTHING to change/fix anything

I offer forgiveness to those who have wounded me even when they do not ask for forgiveness. I shower people with love and I do not retaliate or wish anyone harm

I think what surprised me is the bitterness I feel is mostly towards myself, I cannot forgive myself and I have a very hard time loving myself

I have been trying to heal for years and forgive everyone, including myself

I do not know if that healing will ever come, but I’m working on it as the Bible says, “Watch out that no bitter root rises up among you, for whatever it springs up, many are corrupted by its poison.” ~Hebrews 12:15

I definitely do not want to be corrupted by poison! I can see that I need to pull some roots out and let them go.

DollFace’s response: To be very honest, this assumption triggered me at first when I saw it (I apologize, I’m very protective of Mom and out of the two of us I would say I’m definitely the bitter one), but her response made me realize that even she has some “darkness” like the rest of us. Just because she doesn’t show it in a negative way in her daily life with us, that doesn’t mean she’s not struggling and going through her own personal hell. It’s a good reminder that just because someone forces themselves to smile, that doesn’t mean they really feel like smiling.

Renee said, “I assume you are a very beautiful person inside and out. And you love people for who they are.

Thank you Renee. 💕

I try to be beautiful on the inside

As for the outside, I just put some new paint on this old barn and hope for the best

I do love people for who they are, I try to see beyond the facade and I want to see people the way Jesus does

DollFace’s response: Renee, you know her so well! 😉 So are you, friend!

Vanessa said, “I assume you are a loving person and you care for others more than you care/love yourself sometimes. In all or most of your relationships, you are the one that gives and gives and you never get anything in return. And at times you feel alone and isolated, because you never receive what you have given to others in your relationships… You love with everything in you, because you know how it feels not to be loved with everything and you don’t want anyone to ever feel like that… I have more, but I’ll stop for now…”

I definitely care for others more than myself, I live everyday to help others and give people a better life

I do give and give even when I get nothing in return

I feel extremely alone and isolated with my thoughts/feelings

Yes! I do love with everything in me

Love is like air to me

I NEVER want anyone to feel unloved and I will do everything I can to make people feel love

Oh wow, Vanessa Girl… can you read my mind?!!

DollFace’s response: Vanessa, you’re the actual sweetest. You truly nailed it. I’ve never known someone as loving as Mom.

Hattush said, “I assume that you are an introvert, that you prefer sweet food over savory, that you are quiet and that you like to read.”

I am very much an introvert at times

Once I get to know people and feel comfortable, I can easily turn into the life of the party

I took this quiz called “Are you an Extrovert or Introvert” and here is the link if anyone wants to take it: QUIZ

These were my results:

“Since your results indicate that you are somewhere in the middle of the extrovert/introvert continuum, you tend to have qualities that fit into both ends of the spectrum. You like spending time with others, but you also enjoy having time to yourself. You might not mind being the center of attention once in a while, but you probably prefer to stay out of the spotlight on a day-to-day basis.”

I LOVE sweets!!! Sugar and I have had an ongoing love affair for many, many years. However, it is way past time we break-up as I should not be eating sugar whatsoever. I have finally decided to follow doctors orders (well, I’m going to try anyways) and I am removing most of the sugar in my life. I was addicted to sweets and I can say, I have not had any sugar sweetened iced tea, doughnuts, cookies, milkshakes, chocolate, soda pop, candy or yummy desserts in days. Yay!!! How have I survived? Well, I started using a little agave instead of sugar in my iced tea. At gas stations/stores, I grab a bottle of cold apple juice from the cooler instead of a huge sweet tea or Pepsi at the fountain drink station. I chew gum and when my sugar cravings gets too bad, I have some almond butter with pure maple syrup or just a spoonful of maple syrup.

So far, I have not had any breakdowns or lost my mind! I do need to find replacements for things that have small amounts of sugar such as my Ovaltine breakfast drink, chocolate almond milk (I use it to make my oats/apple/almond butter smoothies), salad dressings, ketchup, sauces and chewing gum.

I am quiet and easily intimidated by people who talk loud/yell and/or won’t shut up. I tend to sit back in meetings when my anxiety takes over, but I will have all of my paperwork laid out and my notes can go on and on. Sometimes, my mind goes blank under pressure. Whatever I lack vocally in the moment, I will often make up for in a later conversation or written communication afterwards. My mind goes 100 miles an hour and I am in my head way too much. I sometimes think I tell people things only to realize that I was just thinking it in my head and none of it actually came out of my mouth. I’m working on that. I do not enjoy talking over the phone. I prefer to communicate through emails and text especially when it is important or something that requires a lot of thought.

When it comes to my youngest daughter, I am very vocal and probably talk too much with her support team/therapists/teachers/aides/medical professionals and anyone helping me care for her. I do have deep conversations in person with people I’m close to and I could talk all night (in person, text or over the phone) with the people I love.

I LOVE to read! I have sooooo many books. I used to get so caught up in my books and I could not get enough. I loved romance novels, self-help books, cookbooks and Bible studies. I do not read/bake/read the Bible as much as I used to though. My anxiety the past 4 years has been hard to control and I found it hard to stay focused on anything I tried to read. So, I stopped reading my books and blog posts were about the only things I read for fun. My attention span is getting better and I am starting to read more. I need to go through all of my books and make “reading stacks” like I used to.

Dollface’s response: That’s all very true! You truly are her dear friend to be able to see that, Hattush! 🙂

Matt said, “I assume you like a variety of foods or maybe that’s me lol”

Matt 😁

You are correct! I love all kinds of food. 💕

Dollface’s response: Yes! Lol and she makes the BEST food, Matt.

This was fun! Thank you to everyone who made assumptions. And thank you so much to everyone who had kind/sweet/funny comments. Y’all are so sweet! 💕 I love you guys. 💋

If you would like to see the previous post and comments, you can check it out here:

Unmasked | Got Any Assumptions About Me?

Amazed By His Grace,

Purple Rose

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13 thoughts on “Unmasked | Answering Your Assumptions About Me

  1. Hattush says:

    Aw, I loved seeing you and Dollface’s answers to the assumptions!
    I really admire that you can forgive people who have hurt you so much. I struggled for a really long time before I could even think about forgiving. And don’t forget that God’s forgiven you of the things that you can’t forgive yourself for. ❤ You don't have to carry that weight and burden.
    That's awesome that you've removed sugar from your diet! Good for you! Agave is great. Another thing that I use all of the time is liquid stevia. It doesn't work too well in baking, but it's great in drinks and stuff like that. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • Purple Rose says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this! 😊

      Oh Girl, forgiveness is NOT easy. In fact, for a long time, I often wondered if I really forgave people. God is so much better at forgiving and forgetting than I will ever be. Still, I’m working on it. It just comes easier to me to forgive others for some reason. 🤔 Maybe it is because I have messed up and failed God so many times. I think, “If God forgives me for my sins, I have to forgive this person for theirs.” I can’t expect God to forgive me of something and live in His Grace if I am going to punish/take revenge on someone who has behaved like the Devil towards me.

      Sometimes Hattush, people don’t even know how badly their words or actions hurt us. It sounds crazy, but they just go on living their life while we are suffering in silence. Other times, they know exactly how bad they have hurt us/how wrong they were and they refuse to acknowledge it or make it right. In both cases, I have learned to “offer it up to God” as my Man often says to me. I give the person/their behavior over to God and let him deal with them. I’ve stopped trying to get apologies from people who will never think they do anything wrong and I don’t try to make people see how what they did hurt me or someone I love. Instead of focusing on them, I distance myself when possible, pray for the person and shower them with love if it is a family member. Then, I focus on how my actions and behavior affect other people.

      One thing that helps is to imagine the person never getting right with God, continuing to sin/hurt people and eventually burning in Hell… FOREVER. I wouldn’t wish that on ANYONE no matter what they have done. If Jesus can forgive the people who put him on the cross, I know I can forgive anyone for the stupid things they do to me.

      Oh, I loved Stevia!!! It was wonderful, but I seem to have an allergy or sensitivity to it. 😭 I had to stop eating it and I was so upset! It was perfect to satisfy my sweet tooth.

      Does your mom have the “Trim Healthy Momma cookbook”? It is fantastic! The moms use stevia for everything and their recipes rock!!! (Here is the link for anyone who wants to check it out: https://www.amazon.com/Trim-Healthy-Mama-Cookbook-Recipes/dp/1101902663)

      I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday sweet Girl. I love you. 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hattush says:

        Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts in this comment, Charity. ❤ You're a really amazing woman. ❤
        Oh no! That's so sad that you're allergic to stevia. 😦
        Yes! I believe that we have the Trim Healthy Momma Cookbook! I'll have to look for it, lol. We moved and all of our books are still not unpacked. LOL
        Love you, too. Thinking of you. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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