Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Stuart over at Something to Stu Over has nominated me for The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award! You can check out Stuart’s award HERE. If you aren’t following Stuart, you should! He is freaking fantastic.

Thank you Stuart!!! ❤

This award is new 😊 It was created by Vincent, a young man, who lives in Nigeria.


Here are the guidelines:
1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog.
2. Make a Post of the award (with photo)
3. Post the rules.
4. Ask 5-10 questions of your choice.
5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.
6. Follow Vincent Ehindero @ (to qualify for a free blog promotion and shout out) and more blogging opportunities.

Here are Stu’s questions for me:

1. What do you feel is your greatest achievement in life so far?

Hmmm… probably raising two beautiful daughters who are a blessing and touch people in ways that amaze me. People are always telling me what a good mother I am (I don’t think I’m that great), so I’ll go with that. 

2. After this Coronavirus shut-in is over, how do you feel the world will interact with one another?

I would like to say that they will be more cautious, but people are creatures of habit. They fall back into their old ways and I think the scare will wear off soon. It’s like when someone in your family is sick and you are making soup, washing the bedding and sanitizing the daylights out of everything. After they get better, they eat normally, the sheets get washed once a week and you forget to sanitize every single thing, UNTIL someone gets sick again. I think that may be the way this will go. 

3. When the virus mutates again in a year or less, because it will…just like the flu does, would you take the chip if it had the cure built in? (The chip is a reality now for those who do not know)

No way. I don’t want anyone implanting anything in me.

4. This is not a prideful question it’s just something I am curious about. What do you like most about my little ole blog?

Oh let’s see… only EVERYTHING. 😉

Stuart, you are one of the most real people I know. I love how you write without much inhibition. I love the subjects you write about. I love the humor you include. I love the way you phrase things. You captivate me and keep me coming back as I never know what you’re going to say next. I love how you share details and explain things perfectly. I love your photos and videos. I especially love how passionate you are about our Savior and the way you make sure others know of His love and forgiveness. 

5. What is the most odd acting or exotic pet you have ever owned?

We had a crazy German shepherd guard dog when I was a kid. She was the worst. They had to keep her on a long chain hooked to a tree and basically throw food to her. My dad came in one day with a huge scratch down his face (he got too close). My cat had babies and they got too close (fur everywhere). When she had her babies, she would just let them drop and the poor things would get rolled over with her chain. We had to rescue them and bottle feed them. I have no idea how she even got pregnant in the first place. Hmmm… 

Anyways, I think she may have been demon possessed. {{shudder}} 

6. What scented candle is always lit in your home?

Oh, I LOVED sented candles! However, I had to stop burning candles in my home when my youngest daughter was 2 or 3 years old. During “Happy Birthday”, she decided to reach over and grab the fire with her fingers. Never seen a kid do that before (poor baby). She has special needs and now I know better. No more candles except on birthday cakes and I make  sure she doesn’t try to grab the fire. I LOVE candle light and ALL of my candles are battery operated. Some of them look so real. I enjoy scents and I use essential oils in oil diffusers all over my house. My favorite oils are: Orange, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender. 

If I were burning a candle right now, it would be “Sweet Strawberry” (if they still have that one) from Yankee Candle. In the fall, I would burn “Apple Pumpkin” I love that one. My all time favorite from Yankee Candle is “Macintosh” oh. my. word. I miss my candles. Oh well, at least I can get the little car jars to hang in my car. 😉 

7. This is a request more than a question. Would you be so kind as to post your favorite sunrise or sunset picture? We all could use something to brighten our day😊

I don’t have a good one, but I do have this silver lining I saw in the clouds… 


I would like to nominate: 

DollFace Writer


April Rose


Rachel Marie Writer

PLEASE do not feel obligated to accept this award or respond in any way. Just know that I see the work you have done on your blog. Good job! 🙂

Questions for my nominees:

1. How has the coronavirus effected your life?

2. If you had to live one day of your life over and over again for a year, what day would you choose? 

3. Would you rather eat broccoli and carrots OR ice cream and bananas everyday for a year? 

4. What is the ONE thing you can’t live without? 

5. If you could spend one day with someone (living or dead), who would it be and why? 

6. Do have any advice for people just starting their blog? 

7. What, if any are the biggest mistakes you see people making on their blogs? 

Amazed By His Grace, 

Purple Rose

22 thoughts on “Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

  1. Stuart L. Tutt says:

    See, there ya go again coming up with great questions I would love to love answer! Especially the one about which day would I want to live over and over and over. I know one…just can’t share it 😉

    I love the silver lining in the clouds😊

    Thank you so much for your kind words Charity. I am speechless♥️

    I agree with you that most will go back to same routine. I do hope they keep washing their hands though😊

    Liked by 2 people

    • Purple Rose says:

      Stuart! 😂 I wish I could ask you. I’m glad you love my questions. I never knew what to ask and I just thought up stuff or looked for good questions. Then, Des and I did those monthly tags and I loved asking questions. I miss those tags.

      You loved it?!! I thought it was so pretty and a little glimmer of hope. I had to capture it.

      You are most welcome. 💕

      Me too. 😓 They should’ve been doing that all along. I saw something online the other day like, “Now that we have all learned how to wash our hands properly, we will be working on colors and shapes next.” 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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