Quote, Song And Thoughts Of The Week | May 17th, 2020

“My relationship with God gets deeper when worship is part of my lifestyle.”

Hello my beautiful friends and readers! I would like to say, “WELCOME” to all of my new followers. I love making new friends. 🙂 I hope you all had a good week (as good a week you can have if you are still under a lockdown) and are staying safe. I love that song above. I thank God my yesterday is gone! Anyone else feel that way? ALL of my hope is definitely in Jesus. ❤

My oldest daughter has been staying with me during the lockdown. Her husband still works in an open environment around people and they didn’t want to risk her getting sick if he did. I have LOVED having her here. I had missed her so much after she got married, so this lockdown was actually kinda fun with her here. I never thought we would get to spend much time together after her wedding almost 4 years ago.

I had a really bad headache on Mother’s Day and I wasn’t much fun. I put chicken breast in the crockpot, took some Advil and tried to rest. My man went out and got me a nice breakfast and an iced coffee before he had to leave. That was sweet. I hadn’t had any iced coffee from my favorite place in a while. I spent the rest of the day with my daughters and tried to get rid of my headache from Hell.


My oldest daughter wrapped my gifts. Didn’t she do a good job?!! She doesn’t think so, but I do. One of my gifts from her was this little Monopoly iron play piece. Her and her husband had given me a Monopoly board game for Valentine’s Day and when we played it, I had to be something other than the iron. There was no iron! You see, I LOVED to play Monopoly when I was a little girl. I have two brothers and no sisters. I have almost all boy cousins and I was usually the only girl around. I of course was the iron because I was a girl. 😀 This was one of the most thoughtful and sweetest gifts I have ever received, Thank you “DollFace“! The photo is me with my girls when I had my youngest daughter. That was two decades ago, but they will always be my babies. ❤


(Mother’s Day card from my oldest daughter “DollFace“)


(Mother’s Day card from my youngest daughter “BabyDoll”)


(Mother’s Day card from my Man. I saw that quote the other day on the internet. Wow.)

My Man always calls me his “Angel” or his “Bunny”. He calls me, “Beautiful” or “Angel” all the time. I know I’m no angel, but he insists I am. When I see my name in his handwriting or hear him say my name, I NOTICE. It gets my attention real quick. I stop whatever I’m doing when I hear him say my name. 😀 He gave me some beautiful red roses, but he didn’t know what else to get me for Mother’s Day. So, he told me to pick something out. I did. I ordered some new sheets, a pretty blanket and of course… some pretty little things from Victoria’s Secret. 😉

Speaking of my Man, this coronavirus lockdown has been crazy. I’m afraid to even kiss him because he is out there in the world and you never know who has it. When he gets here, he strips down and takes a shower before he will even hug me. It has been strange. I hate that this whole thing happened. Not being able to hug and kiss as soon as he arrives is… freaking me out. We hardly see each other as it is. I look forward to the days he is here with me. We can’t go on any good dates with the lockdown. I have gone to the carwash with him and picked up dinner a few times. I forget how amazing the world is when I’m locked down avoiding a stupid virus. I have been indoors way too much lately. He helped me take some groceries and things to my parents the other night and we took the long way back. I was admiring the scenery a little too much. I just love the night lights, the mountains, the palm trees and everything. The night sky is beautiful.  I was like, “Wow, you get to see stuff like this everyday…”  and I remember him saying, “It means nothing without you.” {{sigh}} ❤

I miss him so much. He is always texting and calling me. He checks on me all day… everyday. It’s very sweet. He is so professional and serious, but he is very expressive through text messages and anytime he sees me. I like to shock him. I’m always saying or doing things that make him break out of his straight face and smile that smile I love of his. I think it is fun to send him things that might make him smile like a kid in a candy store when he looks down at his phone and it is especially funny to me if he is in a meeting or in the middle of something important…


I’m always making collages for my blog (which he says he never reads), so I made one for him. He liked it. I think I will start making them for him. He may not read my blog, but he’s important and deserves some collages too. 😉

Okay, back to being a mom. 😀 My meal plan is working out really well! I love my meal planning pad. It’s so cute…


Crockpot chicken on Sundays has been so easy. I just put the chicken breast in, cover it with a good amount of Mrs. Dash seasoning, add water and let it cook all day. I used to make pot roast in my crock pot on Sundays, but my youngest daughter doesn’t eat pot roast. She loves my crock pot chicken though! 🙂

The lockdown was allowed to expire in my state this week! I was so happy. I went outside and got a dose of vitamin D. 😀


I’m not ready to go shopping without a mask or sit in any restaurants just yet. I’m interested to see what happens with this virus in the next 2-3 weeks.

Since the lockdown is over, my oldest daughter went back home to be with her husband. He will be celebrating his birthday and I am sure they have a lot to catch up on. They have been apart wayyyyyyy too long. I don’t think it’s good for them. Then again, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

To celebrate our last quarantine “Girl’s Night”, we decided to pig out and watch “Barbie: Swan Lake”. We also discovered, “The masked singer” on Hulu and oh. my. word. I love it. I’m hooked. I’ve got to go on a diet after this. I’ve gained 4 pounds during the lockdown (thanks a lot coronavirus) and I refuse to gain any more weight. I ordered some resistance bands and I am going to start doing what I can to get back in shape. It’s not easy when you feel so awful and deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. I also like to drown my feelings with chocolate and carbs. They just… make me happy.


Thank you so much for stopping by! 💋 I love you guys. 💕 God bless you. 🙏🏻

“The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in Him.” ~ Lamentations 3:24

Amazed By His Grace, 

Purple Rose


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18 thoughts on “Quote, Song And Thoughts Of The Week | May 17th, 2020

    • Purple Rose says:

      Yes, I am very blessed. The Lord is good my friend. 😊

      I am so thankful for all of my friends who pray for me, shower me with love and kind words. I consider you all my family. ❤️

      I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday and that you get to be with the people you enjoy spending time with very soon. 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Dollfaced Writer says:

    I’m glad we could make some good memories during this lockdown. Thank you so much to you and Babydoll for having me 🤗💕 I want to take you out to lunch once we feel ready though! And we’ll make sure you guys have date days/nights again 😎 This time has not been easy, at all, but you made it special like you always do!

    Liked by 1 person

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