Mr. Godfather ~ Part One


As I looked over towards the girl’s bedroom doorway, the two men whose voices I heard came walking in. They were both well-built, VERY strong, highly energetic and good-looking. They were very confident, loud tough guys. One was the girl’s brother (Mr. Godfather). He had thick dark hair and an accent that sounded like he was from New York maybe. There was something about the way he came in and commanded the room. The other guy was his friend. We were introduced and they sat down with us now crowding her small bedroom. Mr. Godfather looked right at me. He was a cocky flirt. He was smiling and carrying on about me wearing HIS sweatshirt and something about me looking good in it. I was shocked. I had no idea that his sister had given me her brother’s black sweatshirt to wear when I changed out of my church clothes! That would explain why it was so big on me. I remember him telling me that I could keep it. So, here I am sitting there in her skin-tight jeans and Mr. Godfather’s sweatshirt. Great.

I noticed he looked like he had just been in a fight. He was scuffed up. He said something about how he had beat up some guy in the street who was not being good to a woman. I was shocked that a preacher’s son would behave that way. My brothers would never do that. He went on to tell us the story of how he beat the daylights out of the man. All 4 of us, his sister, my friend, his friend and myself were captivated by him. He stole the attention. He was so different. I had never met anyone like him. He was older than me, very experienced in lots of ways. He had just moved there after his father, mother and little sister got settled. His father had been brought in as the new pastor there and Mr. Godfather was a bad boy turned preacher man himself. It was a long story/testimony that I would have to hear sometime.


*Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash

It was now evening and I had to get to work. The friend who had taken me over there to meet this girl was going to drive me back to the city. When the guys realized where I worked, they decided to drive there and meet us. I was shocked, but they seemed excited to go check out my parents business and off they went. Mr. Godfather’s sister got up out of bed and decided to ride with us. She must have started feeling better. We climbed into my friend’s little pick up truck and headed on our way. It was winter time and very dark outside. As we went down the highway, Mr. Godfather’s sister began to tell us about her brother and his friend. I remember listening to her talk about how protective they were of her and I began to want that kind of protection from someone. I had been so scared for months after moving to the big city. It was overwhelming and Mr. Perfect wasn’t coming to marry me now. I felt so alone. Even surrounded by family, customers and church members… I was heartbroken and alone without the love of my life. As she talked and raved about her big brother and his friend, I wished I could be like her.  I wanted to be effortlessly beautiful like her, confident like her and protected by two big guys who had no limits. She was important to them and valued. I would have given almost anything to switch places with her, to feel safe and wanted. Most of all to not be heartbroken and to be happy and free like her. We arrived at my parents business and they all came inside. It was very busy and I jumped right into my work. I may have introduced my new friends to my family at some point that night. Funny how I went to spend the day with one friend and came back with 3 new ones. That wasn’t like me. I was very shy and had only had one best friend when I was a child. It was getting later and the friend I had spent the day with had to go home. It may have been the first time she had met Mr. Godfather as well as his friend. Her parents were kinda like mine and I really don’t think they would have approved of her being near those guys. She was a very sweet girl. She should have been the one I admired and stayed close to. Instead, it was Mr. Godfather’s sister who would quickly become my best friend.

Mr. Godfather was checking everything and everyone out at my work it seemed. There was an instant connection between us, but nothing like I had ever experienced. The way he looked at me, the way he studied every piece of me and the way he talked to me was unlike any man before him. If I let myself, I could become just as captivated by him as everyone else and I wasn’t about to do that. He finally told me goodbye and I went on working. It was crazy how some guy I just met would give me his shirt. Why would he do that? I remembered how he smiled when he saw me in it and the way he told me I could keep it. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was as if he had marked his soon to be territory by giving me the sweatshirt. I should have went and changed back into my church clothes, but I loved that sweatshirt. The way it covered so much of me was kinda like the way I wished a man would cover me and protect me from everything I was so afraid of. I decided I would keep it.

Mr. Godfather started hanging out at my work. His dad’s church youth group came in one night. My father and his father got to meet and chat. Mr. Godfather would come in anytime he felt like it bringing male friends with him. They would all hangout and he would watch me while I worked. He always traveled with his guys around him. He was like the alpha male and whatever he said, they snapped to it. It really wasn’t a question if he said it, it was an order. I was amazed at how quickly he had formed such a loyal group of friends who would follow him around like that. I had never seen anything like it. He liked to talk to people and would make my Father laugh by doing an impression right out of the movie “The Godfather”. He was fantastic at it. He had strong hands and wore leather or leather like black gloves that left his fingers and knuckles uncovered. Those made him even more terrifying than he already was.


I kept on working when he came around, but I would take time here and there to acknowledge his existence. I was just a shy girl from a little town and I wasn’t sure what to think of him. We were complete opposites. One day, he asked me if I would go out on a lunch date with him. I wasn’t needed as much at work now that I had trained other people to work the computer. I was still working for my parents 7 days a week, but I had more freedom now. Since I wasn’t allowed to have a driver’s license or even be home alone, I would usually jump at any chance I got to go do something with someone. There was lots I didn’t know about him though and he was so overwhelming. However, he seemed to not be able to stay away from me. Plus, he had a charm I couldn’t resist. He made me laugh. His confidence and strength was so attractive. Why he wanted to date a little inexperienced 17-year-old was beyond me. I guess since his father was a pastor and so was mine, it was easier to get an okay from my parents to date this man. I don’t think I had told them about how he was a former bad boy turned preacher and that the night I met him he had recently beat up some guy in the street. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that didn’t come up. I was still heartbroken over Mr. Perfect  and I wasn’t sure about this man. Still, I agreed to go on the date. I was pretty nervous to go with him. He came to pick me up at work and he was actually alone. That was different. He pulled up in front of the entrance and parked. He got out, looking as confident as ever and opened the car door for me just like a real gentleman. I was impressed by his gesture. As I went to sit down, I noticed he had a gift for me. Placed strategically in my seat was one perfect red rose. It was just like the rose Mr. Perfect  had given me as I got into his car the night we had that horrible accident…



Amazed By His Grace,

Purple Rose


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23 thoughts on “Mr. Godfather ~ Part One

    • Purple Rose says:

      Hello Brother Stuart! These are pretty wild, but completely honest stories from my past. Destiny thinks it’s good for me to write it out and not keep it all in my head. I trust her, so I’m trying.

      I hope you had some sweet, happy moments during the holidays. I know they can be awfully hard to get through sometimes.

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