July Favorites

E947B88F-CA71-4D8D-A683-2778C0A5F8221. Country Apple body wash (from bath and body works)

I love my citrus Nivea, but I was feeling in a little more of a Fall mood, actually I am desperate for Fall to get here! 😂 So, when I got a whiff of this Country Apple 🍎 from B&BW it hit the spot. 


716ED325-0276-4DE0-93EB-1ED64250AE8A2. Country Apple lotion (from Bath and body works)

Always gotta have the lotion to match the body wash! It smells good and is such a sweet scent it’s perfect for my daughter to wear as well after her bath. 


47712A23-195E-4104-A8C4-B95B0449F7643. Salmon from Costco 

Oh my word, this Salmon is the best! It comes frozen in individual pouches and is pre-seasoned. I just pull out a couple and put them in a big bowl of cold water (in their pouches) to thaw for 30 minutes while I give my daughter her bath. Then, I put a sheet of foil on a baking sheet, open the pouches and take the fish out, pour the seasoning liquid over the top of the fish and bake it in the oven for 20 minutes. Clean up is a breeze! I like to serve this with brown rice and green beans. 


A029DFD5-1B5C-45F2-957C-AAFC2645E06A4. Udderly  Smooth purse size hand cream 

My big Mrs. Meyers pump bottle of hand lotion on my kitchen counter won’t exactly fit in my purse! Hello tiny bottle of Udderly Smooth that I found at the dollar tree. 😀 This hand cream is fantastic. Love it! 


F0417C79-803B-4003-A70B-CE0C7C3991E55. Paddington 2 on DVD

So cute! How can you not love Paddington the bear? This movie is way better than the first one in my opinion. Plus, Hugh Grant is in it. 😎


5. Song: Little White Church 

You tell him Girl! 😉 


6. My new sign I will put in my kitchen window. Love this saying! (The sign was a gift) 


7. Everyday Confetti book by: Karen Ehman & Glynnis Whitwer 

I LOVE this book!!! It has ideas of things to do and recipes for the whole year (Holidays, birthdays and special days I didn’t even know to celebrate). It’s perfect for anyone who wants to have a happy time with their family and make beautiful memories. I wish I had this book when my oldest daughter was little. She’s married now, but I got her a copy of this book so she will have it when she has children and to just enjoy with her husband right now. So, so good! 

 That’s it for July! Just a fun post to do. If you have any favorites, I would love to know if you wish to share in the comments down below.😄 


Amazed By His Grace, 

Purple Rose








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