Confession #3 I’m Completely Heartbroken


“Behind my smile is a broken heart, behind my laugh I’m falling apart. Behind my eyes are tears at night, behind my body is a soul trying to fight.”


The first time I remember feeling my heart break was when I was 17 years old. It was the night my Fiancé and I broke up. He was the love of my life, the most perfect man I have ever met, the man I wanted to spend my life with, the man I wanted to have children with and the first and last man I ever wanted to touch me in that special way. I wanted to live a clean and holy life with this man. Till death do us part… the night we broke-up, something died inside me.

Knowing I would never see my true love again and my future would never be what I wanted, I gave up. That’s when it was as if Satan himself dressed as a preacher’s son came to finish me off. I finally escaped his “Love” with my life… my life, my broken heart and nothing else.

I felt my heart break into soooooo many pieces when my husband left me and I was pregnant. I loved him with a love I didn’t even knew existed. He eventually came back and tried to reconcile. Being a preacher’s daughter and knowing my family would never forgive him the way I could… I chose my family over him. In the end, I got a divorce I didn’t want from a man I honestly loved.

I have a broken heart and I don’t know how to fix it.


Amazed By His Grace,

Purple Rose 





7 thoughts on “Confession #3 I’m Completely Heartbroken

  1. Dollfaced Writer says:

    I know how hard your life has been for you. It is so hard to fix the damage that has been done, but we keep trying anyway ❤ You are an amazing woman, daughter, sister, wife, and mother. I don’t understand why Satan had to destroy so much so soon in the most intimate ways possible. And I don’t know why people can’t understand the pain he has left behind. But, I want you to know that you are the most perfect person I have ever known. You deserve every bit of happiness, Mama. I love you ❤ I’ll try to help us pick up the pieces so many left behind. 😭

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    • Purple Rose says:

      You are the only person who listens… really listens and actually tries to understand me. You don’t blow me off, minimize my pain or tell me to just “Get over it!”. The Bible says that Satan comes to Kill, Steal and Destroy. We can’t let him do that! You try to help people heal and not put bandaids on broken bones. You are amazing. I love you DollFace! 💕

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  2. txjessy says:

    There is only one who can fix it and you know who he is. He takes all our broken pieces and fills us with true love. I a preacher’s s daughter also, was let down, but I let bitterness take over and tried to fill my emptiness and brokeness with so many substances. At the end he God restored me again but, I had to come to Him with my messed up life. I didn’t have children at the time, but I know my actions hurt many. However the one who got damaged the most by my behavior was me. My actions didn’t erase my pass and certainly didn’t fix my heart or bring my ‘love’ back. Now older I wish I had been wiser but we learn from our mistakes.

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